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Welcome to Denisco Chemicals

Denisco Chemicals is a custom synthesis company based in Hyderabad, India. Its primary activity is the process research and development of fine chemicals and projects involving contract development.


As A highly integrated company, it offers cost-effective solutions for complex molecules. It manufactures over 300 versatile building blocks for leading global companies in the pharmaceutical, perfumery, electronic, specialty chemicals and other allied industries. Know more about Denisco Chemicals




Denisco manufactures complex products from a kilo to multi-tonne levels.

Denisco handles versatile reagents under special conditions with a high level of safety, precaution and environmental standards.


The reagents handled include alkyl lithiums, magnesium halides, acetylene, LiAH, Oleum, bromine, iodine, cyanating agents, LiAH, Thiophosgene, phosphorous chlorides, sodamide etc... Know more about Denisco Services


Featured Product

  • Acetylenes   »  4-Biphenylacetylene

    Cas No: 29079-00-3

    M.F: C14H10

    M.W: 178.23

  • Boronics   »  Allylboronic acid

    Cas No:72824-04-5



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