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Offering World-class fine chemicals

Denisco Chemicals, headquartered in Hyderabad, India, specializes in custom synthesis with a primary focus on research, development and manufacture of fine chemicals and advanced intermediates. We are a highly integrated company, offering cost-effective solutions for complex molecules. With a diverse portfolio of over 300 versatile building blocks, we serve as a crucial supplier to leading global companies across various industries, including pharmaceuticals, perfumery, agrisciences, electronics, speciality chemicals, and other allied sectors.

Since our establishment in 2001, Denisco has consistently delivered high-purity fine chemicals and intermediates to a broad clientele spanning Western Europe, North America, Japan, and India. Our customers include large pharmaceutical firms, specialty chemical companies, and innovative high-technology startups.


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Your Partner for Progress

Denisco Chemicals is a pioneering force in the custom synthesis of fine chemicals and contract development. Since 20 years, we have been delivering comprehensive solutions for intricate molecules, setting standards for cost-effectiveness and efficiency.

Our Expertise

We thrive on complexity

With our seamless integration of expertise, experience and technologies, we specialize in designing solutions for your unique chemical requirements. 

Versatile Building Blocks

With a portfolio of over 300 versatile building blocks, Denisco supports leading global entities to fuel their innovations. Our products serve as essential foundations, facilitating breakthroughs in various applications.

Innovation in Action

In a dynamic landscape that demands constant innovation, Denisco stands out as a progressive company, enhancing challenges as opportunities, leveraging deep knowledge and cutting-edge technologies to engineer effective solutions. 

Commitment to Quality

Our commitment to delivering high purity fine chemicals and intermediates remains unwavering. We adhere to stringent quality standards, ensuring that every product leaving our facilities meets the highest benchmarks of excellence.

Your Partner for Progress

Since our inception in 2001, Denisco Chemicals has been a reliable partner to customers across the globe, we don’t just offer products; we offer partnerships that drive success.

What we do at Denisco

With a focus on process research and development of fine chemicals, we pride ourselves on offering cost-effective, tailored approaches to crafting complex molecules.

At Denisco, we understand the art of chemistry and excel at providing high-quality results. Our extensive repertoire of over 300 versatile molecules caters to a wide range of industries including pharmaceuticals,AgriScience chemicals, perfumery, electronics, and specialty chemicals. From inception to implementation, we’re committed to turning your concepts into reality.

Since our inception in 2001, we’ve been a trusted global supplier of high purity fine chemicals and intermediates. Our footprint spans Western Europe, North America, Japan, and India, and our clientele includes industry giants, specialty innovators, and high-tech startups .

Experience the future of chemical innovation with Denisco Chemicals – where we tailor your molecules in a cost effective manner.

Our Strengths

Your Trusted Partner for Complex Chemical Solutions

At Denisco, we excel in manufacturing a diverse range of complex products, spanning from kilo to multi-tonne levels. With a relentless commitment to excellence, we handle versatile reagents with utmost precision and care, adhering to the highest safety, precautionary, and environmental standards in the industry

Our Leadership

Ms. Isabelle Collin

Chairperson, Director & Co-Founder

Mr. Venkatram Palreddy

Co-Founder and MD


Denisco manufactures complex products from a kilo to multi-tonne levels.

Denisco handles versatile reagents under special conditions with a high level of safety, precaution and environmental standards. The reagents handled include alkyl lithiums, magnesium halides, acetylene, LiAH, Oleum, bromine, iodine, cyanating agents, LiAH, Thiophosgene, phosphorous chlorides, sodamide etc…

The chemistries we employ include Boronation, Couplings (Suzuki/Stille/Heck/shinogoshara), acetylenic chemistry, large scale grignards, halogenations, thiophosgenations, oxidations, delepines, condensation, reductions, alkylations and diazotizations.

Experience the future of chemistry with Denisco Chemicals

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